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Attract new consumers with integrated cashless, vibrant touchscreen display, shopping cart purchasing, nutritional display and brand promotions. The highly-engineered and reliable BevMAX MEDIA2 has the best-in-class product selection and capacity.

Crane Bevmax Media 2

  • BevMax MEDIA2 - 35select BevMax MEDIA2 - 45select
    Height 72" 72"
    Depth 33.5" 33.5"
    Width 40" 47"
    Weight 637lbs 688lbs
    Energy Consumption 253 Wh/h 251 Wh/h
    Payment Protocol M.D.B (Standard) M.D.B (Standard)
    Listings CE, UL, FCC CE, UL, FCC
    Options Lockable cash box Lockable cash box
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