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Who We Are

We place you at the forefront of everything we do

Everyone within the Roundstone family has over 10 years experience in the industry. Many of the team have experience working for businesses large and small.

We have taken the best parts from large business, such as buying power and efficiency along with the customer service and attention to detail you get from a smaller business.

This makes Roundstone the best partner for your coffee, vending and water needs.

We serve customers throughout the UK.

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Our Mission

At Roundstone Vending we are committed to our customers but also the environment. In everything we do, we are always looking for ways to improve our eco credentials.

From going paperless to electric vehicles we have been making small changes to ensure that we always remain as green and ecologically conscious as we can.
We are exploring ways to reduce our landfill waste to zero. Reduce our CO2 footprint by carbon offsetting. As we deliver products and have engineers out on the road we will never be totally green however we believe that by switching to eco vehicles and signing up to a number of tree planting schemes we can offset all of our CO2. Everyone in Roundstone is passionate about the environment for our future generations.

Our waste coffee recycling scheme

We are continually looking for ways to reduce waste and improve our carbon footprint so it was with great excitement that in June 2021 we launched the waste coffee recycling scheme. If you package your waste coffee we will take it! All of the waste coffee we receive is turned into fire bricks that are used to roast our next batch of great coffee.


What are we doing?

Electric Vehicles

We aim to increase our electric vehicle percentage across the fleet.

Coffee Recycling

Return your waste coffee to us, we'll use it to roast fresh beans!

Beach Cleans

Our team is encouraged to take part in Beach Cleanup efforts.

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