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Water Dispensers

At Roundstone we offer a wide range of water dispensing equipment to suit every requirement.

We can offer chilled drinking water supplies for all types of applications and businesses, even when a water supply is not available.

Making use of sustainable UK manufacturers ensuring our carbon footprint is small.

We are one of the leading vending companies to offer the fast growing “Boxed” cooler an affordable eco-friendly solution to the lifting of heavy plastic bottles whilst alleviating the need for costly sanitisation's, this space saving unique solution ticks your environmental “boxes” alongside the leading manufacturer B&O for plumbed in coolers, taps and boilers.

We provide high quality, reliable equipment, and all our packages include free delivery, installation, specialist training and ongoing maintenance and servicing of your machine.


Make sure you, your employees and your customers stay hydrated with Roundstone Vending today.


Mains Fed Water Dispensers

The most economical choice for water supply to your business. Reduce your workplace carbon footprint and boost your employee satisfaction with sophisticated water dispensers from Borf & Overstrom. Give your workforce instant access to filtered drinking water and promote hygiene and sustainability in your team. With energy-efficiency designs, these water dispensers are the smart choice for refreshing hydration – ideal for corporate offices, healthcare, and education environments.


Utilising your mains water supply, filtering your already supplied water source.


UK manufactured equipment with low energy usage.


We offer water dispensers with a six-star Totality® rating deliver an exceptionally high standard of hygiene.


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Boxed Water Coolers

Where plumbing just isn’t possible a box fed water dispenser can be placed.

Why choose a boxed water cooler? Fresh tasting natural mineral water, satisfying your hydration needs. Our team can provide hassle-free delivery to your home or office, of pristine, hygienic mineral water. Utilising a boxed water cooler is also much better for the environment.

Fresh Tasting

High quality Scottish mineral water, supplied in a box which minimises cross contamination.

48 Hour Delivery

We offer a fast and efficient delivery service, direct to your door.

No Plumbing

No plumbing is required with a box fed water machine, allowing these machines to be placed anywhere in your space.



Hot water boilers

Instant boiling water at the touch of a button. The perfect addition to any canteen or workplace that needs large amounts of boiling water quickly and reliably. With the touch of a button, you can enjoy instant boiling water, saving time and energy compared to traditional kettles. These products are designed to be easy to use and maintain, making it ideal for busy work environments. Boiling water has never been so convenient.

Time Saving

Instant hot water, all the time, every time.

High Capacity

Water boiler taps are fantastic in high through put environments.


Totality® is Borg and Overstroms 5-step methodology to achieving pure, healthier, premium water. 


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