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Eco conscious water coolers & smart taps designed for any location.

✓⃝ Integrated Taps

✓⃝ Plumbed In Water Coolers

✓⃝ Flexible Solutions

✓⃝ Boxed Water Coolers

Borg & Overstrom

At Roundstone, our commitment to excellence guides every decision we make. That's why we've chosen to partner with Borg & Overström, a brand synonymous with innovation and quality in the realm of water dispensing.

From their inception, Borg & Overström has epitomized a passion for excellence and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Their track record speaks volumes: setting new standards in tap systems and dispensers, earning ISO-certification and ACS accreditation, and rapidly expanding their global footprint.

But what truly sets Borg & Overström apart is their unwavering dedication to originality and innovation. Their cutting-edge technology, such as touchless systems and Deep Sparkle® technology, demonstrates a commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining refreshment.

Roundstone's decision to offer Borg & Overström products isn't just about their impressive lineup—it's about aligning with a brand that shares our values. Like us, Borg & Overström prioritizes customer satisfaction, sustainability, and fostering strong partnerships.

Furthermore, Borg & Overström's commitment to supporting distributors through their Academy resonates with Roundstone's philosophy of empowerment and continuous improvement. With Borg & Overström, we're not just selling products; we're offering our clients a promise of excellence and innovation in every drop.

Browse their range of products below.

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✓⃝ Dispenser Taps

✓⃝ Water Coolers

✓⃝ Sparkling Water

✓⃝ Plumbed In Solutions

Borg & Overstrom

High Quality

Easy to clean

and maintain

Fully Serviced Options Available

Castle Scotland

Boxed Water Coolers

Eco Friendly water supply for your workplace.

✓⃝ Fresh great tasting water


✓⃝ Purely Scottish Natural Mineral Water are completely committed to our Environmental position and protecting the Environment

✓⃝ Fast and efficient delivery

✓⃝ No plumbing required

✓⃝ No more plastic bottles!

A small efficient water machine

Eco Friendly

Easy to clean

and maintain

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